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fundraising with

Quest Coffee Co.

This is how fundraising with Quest Coffee Co. works. We sell coffee to you at a discounted rate. Your organization sells it and keeps the profit. It's just that simple.


So, do you and your cause deserve a serious coffee break? (Hint: schools, clubs and nonprofits, we’re looking at you!) 

Our simple fundraising program:

  • Our fresh roasted coffee will be sold to your nonprofit organization or school at a discounted rate.

  • Your organization will be supplied with an order form template that will allow you to pre-sell the coffee in your respective community.

  • You decide the selling price (we have suggested prices if you wish), and all profits made go back into your organization.

  • After the pre-selling is complete, simply contact us with the total order and payment, and we’ll ship the full coffee order to you. All you’ll have left to do is distribute the beans to all those in your community who purchased them. Easy!


Organizations are eligible to sign up for the fundraising program once per calender quarter. 

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